Documentation and Visa

To travel to Cuba as a tourist you must have:

  • PASSPORT: must be valid for 6 months from the departure of your flight.
  • VISAS: The Tourist Visa or Tourist Card (rated A-1) is issued to foreign citizens wishing to travel to Cuba on leisure travel and leisure. It is a personal and non-transferable document including minors.

    They are requested in:

    • In the Consulate of Cuba abroad.
    • In Travel Agencies.
    • Directly at the counters of the airlines authorized by the Cuban consulate.

    It has a validity (for a single entry to the country) of 6 months from the date of issue. It is requested and normally collected the same day, in cases of large groups may not come out with such immediacy.

  • HEALTH INSURANCE: From May 1, 2010, it is mandatory to have health insurance to enter Cuba because the policy must be presented at customs to enter the country.

    There are many companies that offer these services at quite affordable prices.
    If you arrive in Cuba without medical insurance you will be obliged to contract a policy with the state company and insurance Asistur.

    Travel information about travel insurance to enter cuba:

    • If it is in Cuba:

      To purchase an insurance policy you must reach the Office of Assistance in:
      Central office
      Prado # 206, Havana, Cuba.
      At your disposal 24 hours.
      Telephone: (53) 7 8668339, (53) 7 8668920, (53) 7 8668527

    • If you plan to travel to Cuba:

      In the web site of Asistur:
      You can check rates in:

  • ADDRESS ACCOMMODATION: It is necessary to provide a real address of accommodation (hotel or legal house).

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