Transport in Cuba

Cuba has an infrastructure of transport that makes possible the connection of all the points of the country. The highest quality services are offered at CUC, the others are offered in MN. Visitors to the country are encouraged to use those offered at CUC.

Air Transportation: It is recommended to move to one end of the island or the Keys. All the tourist destinations and main cities of the country have airport and air link with Havana. Air taxi service is also available in most of the country.

Sea Transportation: It is used only to move to the island of Pinos (also known as island of youth)

Bus or Bus is the most used in Cuba, there are several bus lines, but the most advisable for tourists is Via Azul, connecting all tourist destinations and major cities. It has exact schedules (you can consult them on its website), acceptable comfort and economic prices in CUC. There are also the National Bus Company that serves both Cubans and foreign tourists, connects all the cities of the country and tourist destinations on the island, is cheaper, but may have failures in compliance on itineraries.

Car Transportation: Cuba has several state-owned companies dedicated to renting cars: Rent a Car, Havanatur, Gaviotatour, with agencies in all tourist destinations in the country, including in every hotel and airport. The Cuban archipelago has a primary network of asphalted roads in an acceptable state, although secondary and rural roads may be in poor condition. When driving at night you should be very careful with horse carriages, bicycles without lights and cattle.

Transportation in Taxis: The company TAXIS - CUBA provides taxi service in all tourist destinations, airports and hotels in the country. Prices are not very cheap, but you can try to negotiate with the driver in advance to achieve a reduction in price. There are also private taxis that are usually cheaper than those of state agencies come in all types, from modern automobiles to very old, not everyone has good comfort, although they are an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the ride on a Classic or antique car.

Rail Transport: Although the country has a broad railway network in general, railways and railroads have not been modernized and do not meet European or North American standards, trains generally have little comfort and often do not comply with itineraries. Not all trains do not have car beds, nor car restaurants, so it is recommended only for those who enjoy adventurous spirit and lots, but a lot of patience. Still, it is a good means of transportation especially for those who have to travel long distances, the most recommended is the special train Havana Santiago de Cuba, which is a little more comfortable, air - conditioned.

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